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Bumbelou is handmade in Minnesota and includes girls wear and hair accessories encouraging girls to be brave, bold, and beautiful and are designed with comfort and longevity in mind. Here you'll find my in-house Bumbelou items along with a few carefully curated items for baby and toddler. Knowing how impactful every purchase is, I donate 10% of profits to Compassion International helping children around the world.
Hi, I'm Jenna. I LOVE collecting vintage toy sewing machines, am a huge podcast nerd, and crave color and pattern. We do weekends in our pajamas, and make sugar cookies for every holiday. I will read a textbook as enjoyably and eagerly as a novel. Sewing runs through me as deeply as breath and my soul can't help but be pulled to create. Thank you for being a part of this crazy, fun, and often unexpected life that God carved out for me!
Be brave, be bold, be beautiful.

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- Jenna